One of the standards that we teach in the state of Georgia requires us to teach a Georgia artist to all students every year. It was different at first but now that we are in the 2nd year of our Georgia Performance Standards for Visual Arts I think I am beginning to really enjoy finding new artists to teach to my students!

In 3rd grade art we were beginning our unit on depth which includes foreground, middleground, background, and horizon line. I chose a Georgia artist whose work I really love! His name is Paul K. Hill and he lives and paints in Georgia. The last couple of years he has been doing a series of seascape paintings while traveling with a group of other artists. They are called the Ossabaw Artists' Collective and I think the work they are doing is very interesting.  My students were inspired by Hill's seascapes to create their own

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Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Your students have done a great job! I love that studying your local artists is required in your curriculum, it means that this is seen as important and worthwhile :)